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A little story about

Climbing rope

A rock climber falling 3 meters generates between 3kn and 5kn of force, because of the extreme forces at play and the potential for catastrophic injury, rock climbing ropes have a maximum lifespan of about 10 years even without use. Most climbers retire their ropes long before that, but that doesn't mean they are no longer good. In fact the rope is likely still capable of suspending a small sedan over the edge of a cliff! Thats were we come in, we source and buy retired but still sturdy rope to upcycle into dog leashes.

We work hard to keep ropes out of landfill while giving dog owners a unique and durable product to keep them and their pet connected and safe.



Our mission is to reduce what ends up in landfill and give a second lease on life to retired climbing ropes.

The last leash you need to buy ?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty from manufacture defects and a $5 wear and chew repair* for everything else.

* You are required to get the leash back to us so we can make it good as new again.

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